You have put so much effort into planning your wedding so make the most of it!  One of the hardest parts is getting your bride/groom to the altar. With the full list of everything you must do, one of the last steps in any wedding preparing the music for the reception. Deciding whether you want a live band or a DJ service.  There are a lot of choices out there.  If you are considering a DJ service, choosing the right DJ is critical in ensuring everything happens on time, the way you want it. The DJ needs to provide an unforgettable night.

At DBOIS INC we pride ourselves on being one of the best.  Our priority is giving everyone a great and professional service for any budget.  We offer conventional background choice music, or we can follow a strict guideline of your chosen music. Our job is to add one less headache to a very stressful, but beautiful moment in your lives. We offer unique DJ packages.

If you like to have fun, we offer to choreograph wedding party dance routines for the bride and groom or everyone in the wedding party.

Check out some of the packages or give us a call so we can make a unique package designed to your liking.