Who we are

Entertainment culture realized is more than our mantra, it is a call to action, it is a movement, it is music moving the soul at the speed of light. This company was inspired by posing the question: Now what? Our DJs have the skills and music that span multiple generations. From weddings, to corporate events, mall promotions, small parties, or a club atmosphere: we offer the most culturally diverse DJs that will blend into any environment or occasion. 

We also offer a variety of tracks and licensing for commercial and private use. We create beats for music artists and movie soundtracks provided by, Dangerous Beats Music (ASCAP). 

The lessee receives limited rights for the use of the purchased beat and can use it for one profitable project with the sales limit of up to 10,000 copies. Exclusive rights, however, grant full ownership of the beat. Full ownership allows you to do whatever you want with it, except for selling it to a third party. 

Each beat will come fully tracked with every detail of the beat (the kick drum, the snare drum, hi-hats, samples, instruments…etc.)   

Each will come in a separate high-quality WAV audio file, in tracks. This way, you or your audio 

engineer will have more control over editing, mixing and mastering the beat and song. 

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Dbois inc logo is a registered trademark® of Dbois Inc.

Dbois inc logo is a registered trademark® of Dbois Inc.